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 Registering a war

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PostSubject: Registering a war   Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:51 pm

To start a war, please read and follow the directions.

  • All wars have a 25 days deadline and follow the respective Advanced Format Banlists without changes (cannot restrict Decks, archetypes, etc.).

  • Wars must be confirmed by both (Co-)Captains before approval.

  • Approved wars are moved to the War Grounds

If you want to start a war with a team post a new topic on the following format

War Formats & Matches Rules
  • All matches are best 2 out of 3 with side-Decking allowed.

  • Players can challenge any opponent.

  • Both rosters must have the same amount of players and subs.

Single/Double Crossfire
  • Minimum 5 players and 1 sub from each side.

  • The first Team to reach 0 remaining players loses.

  • Single: A player who loses 1 match is eliminated.

  • Double: A player who loses 2 matches is be eliminated. (Subs with 1 lost match can only replace players with 1 lost match.)

  • Minimum 3 players from each side. No subs.

  • The amount of hearts must be greater or equal than the amount of players (max 20).

  • When a player loses, their Team loses a heart.

  • The first Team to reach 0 hearts loses.

During a war
Rosters cannot be edited AT ALL!!
  • After each match, both players must post the results. (Always take screenshots of your victories; you may be asked for them.)

  • If the official Banlist changes, the war continues with the initial Banlist. (Any necessary proxies would be announced.)


To report a loss or a win, please follow the follow the following format
side note: PLEASE make sure your opponent confirms said win or loss.

  • At least one match needs to be played every 5 days for your war to be considered active.

  • If there are severe inactivity issues, contact a War Manger or a Admin to look into it.

  • Deadlines will only be extended if both Teams are active enough to finish the war in a reasonable time.


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Registering a war
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